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Achieving our vision of thriving people and places in our local communities

Simon and Sarah Vickers

The founders Simon and Sarah Vickers are the owners of Rectory Homes. Through establishing The Rectory Foundation they will be able to expand their reach and support a wider area and a greater variation of charities and community led initiatives. They look forward to seeing how the Foundation will evolve and grow into the future.

“The Rectory Foundation is about supporting the communities that need it most in Buckinghamshire and beyond. We are looking to give opportunities in places where they may be lacking, improve the offerings of community projects and support our healthcare systems with the most up to date technology within this part of the country.

When we build homes in a community we want to support that injection of new life and also those who live there currently. The Rectory Foundation to its core is about building and strengthening communities beyond bricks and mortar.”

Simon and Sarah Vickers

We have supported many local charities and community groups with grants over the last 14 years. Creating our Foundation was the next step to allow us to support even more community organisations with their vital work.

Financed entirely by Rectory Homes, this Foundation will be the benchmark for a new level of charitable giving by the company. Rectory Homes have worked with the Buckinghamshire Community Foundation since 2008 and contributed over £500,000 to great causes since its partnership

A dedicated Board made up of our staff considers every grant application on its own merit and grants will be awarded to applicants where the greatest impact can be achieved.

Through the Rectory Foundation, and working in partnership with our partners and grantees, we will endeavour to address the diverse needs in the areas we build by:

  • Helping those most in need within the community, particularly those who are isolated or disadvantaged.
  • Improving the local environment, accessible community areas or buildings, and green spaces.
  • Ensuring that our staff are involved in the work of our Foundation.

Background to the foundation

Rectory Homes is an independent property developer based in Buckinghamshire; where it has been operating for over 25 years.

Rectory has, throughout its evolution, given back to the communities where it operates, both directly and indirectly through their fund with Buckinghamshire Community Foundation.

Rectory Homes